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Struggling with issues of faith is tough...

You Are Not Alone

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We're honored to be a part of your journey, and we're so glad you're here!


Questions. Doubts. Changing beliefs. Learning how to live after belief.

Let's face it--dealing with issues of faith is tough. But you don't have to do this alone! We're here for you and we want to help you as you walk this road. Our passion is connecting others with support, resources, community, but most of all... hope.



Vyckie Garrison of "No Longer Quivering" featured stories from Recovering from Religio's Teresa MacBain (Hotline Project Director) and Nathan Phelps (Recovering from Religion board member) in this excellent Thanksgiving article.

As a believer and a pastor, Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays. It was a time when I examined all the good in my life, and gave thanks to God for everything. From the food on my table to the loved ones gathered around me, my gratitude was always directed toward a deity. Now, as a nonbeliever, Thanksgiving may be even more special to me. As I gather with friends and family for the holiday meal, I KNOW what giving thanks is about. It’s about looking at relationships, fortunes and misfortunes, and life in general through the lens of reason and reality. Instead of attributing everything to divine benevolence, I am able to see the arms that embraced me during a difficult time, the calloused hands that worked to produce and provide the food on my table, and the hearts of those who devote their time to help others. That’s what Thanksgiving is for me. Saying thank you, not to God, but to the people who make a real difference in my life!
— Teresa MacBain, Director, The Hotline Project
I find it a daunting challenge to effectively communicate all I’m grateful for. The sense of peace that came with discarding the hateful, painful concept of a creator and discovering a rich community of like-minded people who put the humanist qualities in action in their lives.
At the same time I am humbly grateful for the ability to affect the lives of so many people through a coincidence of birth.
But in the final analysis, it’s the people I’m surrounded by in my personal life. A wife with infinite patience and an emotional heart; beautiful, intelligent children who get to live their lives free of a burden of mythical fear; and precious, miraculous grandchildren who make my heart younger.
— Nathan Phelps, Recovering from Religion Board member


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