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Join us for a new adventure.

September 20th-22nd 2019 Mars Hill, NC

In ten years of providing support to people in doubt and those recovering from religion, we have become keenly aware of the emotions involved in making that journey. Many of the stories we hear share common themes including feelings of isolation and insecurity about the future. In addition to building online community and local support systems, we wanted to offer opportunities for people to experience awe, wonder, joy, and profound meaning in themselves and the world around them without dogma dictating how to interpret those experiences. We wanted not only to provide hope, but to help people find their way to happiness and a truly fulfilling life.

However, we know that new experiences can be intimidating. We also know that friends, guides, and mentors can make all the difference. The Recovering from Religion Fall Excursion is about growing into your new journey and crafting your own personal map to being the person you want to be. Our trained volunteers will help you to feel comfortable with yourself, nurture enriching conversations, and lead you through beautiful experiences.