Sunday, January 22, 2017

Show Notes:

Interview with David G. McAfee:

David's books on, including The Belief Book and The Book of Gods, plus others:

Episode 2 of our show when we interviewed David previously:

David's website:

The Party of Reason and Progress:



Robert and Amy's story:

The Secular Yakking Podcast:

Interview with Amanda Metskas:

Camp Quest:

Justin's story:

Anthony Magnabosco's YouTube channel of videos about Street Epistemology:

Dr. Caleb Lack's story:

After it, Emily mentioned this video from QualiaSoup:

Upcoming Secular Events:

Darwin Day events around the world (February 12th, events not always on this date though):

University of Wisconsin-Madison Freethought Festival 6, FREE, March 3rd & 4th (Madison, Wisconsin):

NaNoCon ("Nashville Nones" Convention in Tennessee), March 18th:

International Freethought Film Festival - May 5th (Orlando, Florida):

Imagine No Religion 7 - June 2nd-4th (Toronto, Ontario/Canada):

Mentioned in the episode's closing remarks:

Secular Therapy Project:

Recovering from Religion support groups:

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