Sneak Preview 

Gammy, the secular support Chatbot for facebook messenger

Recovering from Religion recognizes the need for a secular support system through the holiday season. We've created a chatbot that will engage and support doubters and nonbelievers. 

GammyBot gives people ideas on how to cope with different topics that come up this time of year. She also comes to people right in Facebook Messenger. 

GammyBot will be running through New Year's, with messages coming every two to three days. This preview is timed differently - it will go through the first four messages with a five minute separation between messages. 

This preview will be open for your use until midnight on Monday, Nov 25. 

Click Send To Messenger on the right to get started with the preview. 

We'll be launching the page on Giving Tuesday. If you'd like to see the page that GammyBot will be launching on, click here.