The Hotline Project


"What will my parents think if I tell them I don't believe?"
"Will my spouse leave me?" 
"My pastor tells me I should just pray more, but it doesn't seem to be working."
"Will leaving my church affect my job?"

We are very familiar with these kinds of questions and want to offer support. Connect with people who understand your struggle with doubt, faith, and managing relationships in religious communities. Our agents are happy to talk with you. They will listen to your concerns and help you with questions. 

Need to talk? The Hotline is open! Call 1-84-I-Doubt-It (1.844.368.2848)

or Connect with our Live Chat below!


Our Mission

The mission of The Hotline Project is to provide a real-time peer support network for people who:

  • Question the role of faith in their lives.
  • Doubt what their religious leaders and community tell them.
  • Want to leave their faith, religion, or religious community, but don't know how. 
  • Have left their faith or religion and need support in their changing life. 
  • Cope with a negative impact in their lives caused by faith or religion.
  • Have friends or relatives who might be facing these struggles.

Talking to people who understand your journey can help you to feel more secure in your decisions, less alone in your endeavors, and help give you the strength to face your challenges with hope and confidence. 

Our Agents

Our agents are all volunteers who are committed to helping and motivated by altruism because they've been where you are. Each agent has been carefully screened by our volunteer coordinators and attended several hours of training to offer you the best in peer support. These are people from many different backgrounds with one thing in common, and that is their understanding of changing or leaving faith, dealing with doubt, and managing relationships with religious community and family.