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Your monthly or one-time donation goes a long way! Recovering from Religion is a completely volunteer-run organization, which means all of your contribution is used to directly fund our programs and outreach efforts. Our success in providing support is a community effort. Our volunteers, donors, and affiliated therapists are all engaged and dedicated members of the growing RfR community.

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Your support of Recovering from Religion allows us to change the lives of many who desperately need our help. We invite you to partner with us as we provide support, healing, and hope for people leaving religion behind. We hear incredible stories everyday from people in desperate need of encouragement, support, and community.

I’d been a Muslim my entire life, and didn’t know who I could talk to about my doubts. I felt trapped and alone. When I saw an article about The Hotline Project, I felt hope for the first time in a very long time!

After talking to the call agent, I started to believe that I could make it through this. Thanks to Recovering from Religion and the Hotline Project, I found the support I needed to deal with my doubts, and walk away from my faith!

Without you, we can't reach these wonderful people. In order for us to get our resources into the hands of hurting people across the world today, we need you. Right now, you can be the difference between despair and hope for someone. 

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You can make a donation just by shopping on Amazon when you use our Amazon Smile link. You can also set Recovering from Religion as your preferred organization in your account preferences to make donating even easier.

We accept donations via Paypal, credit card, and check. We also invite interested donors to contact our Executive Director, Gayle Jordan, for information on legacy giving via email: 

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