Helpline Chat/Call Training Verification

Hi there!

We've created these questions to verify that you've completed all the training videos and read through the policy Manual (all training materials are located on the #volunteertraining channel on the Helpline Volunteer Team). 

You're free to access and review the training materials while you answer the questions below. 

When you hit submit, your answers will go to our volunteer coordinator for review. Then we will send you an email letting you know you are ready to answer calls and chats. Please don't answer any calls or chats until you are cleared by the volunteer coordinator. 

Name *
As an Agent, you are empowered with the ability to offer a link to the Secular Therapy Project. *
After every call or chat, make sure you: *
If a client shares a struggle with a particular issue, and you personally have experience with that issue, which of the following should you NOT do: *
An example of an open-ended question is: *
Which of the following statements are true (check all that apply): *