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Featured Resources

Recovering from Religion by Sarah Rocksdale https://youtu.be/z-dTWFnR1MM

Get God's Self-Appointed Messengers Out of Your Head - by Valerie Tarico, Psychologist "God's Self-Appointed Messengers" were not gods and they are not you. So how can you get them out of your head or at least reduce them to muffled background noise? https://youtu.be/ElfyYA420F0

Why We Believe - Ever wonder how religious beliefs take hold? Science is discovering how religion & other supernatural beliefs hijack our brain’s natural processes to get us to believe impossible things.
Why We Believe In Gods https://youtu.be/1iMmvu9eMrg
The Science of Religious Belief https://youtu.be/uMmzQ7fi-9w
What Actually Is a Belief? And Why Is It So Hard to Change? https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/


We gathered these resources to offer new approaches, ideas, and information to those curious or struggling with issues of doubt and nonbelief.  Our goal is to meet people right where they are in their journey.  For that purpose, we organized the resources into four areas. Choose the category that most closely applies to you. 

I want to find resources for how to deal with life now that I am not religious.
I want to find a community.
I have been hurt by religion.

I want to find a new religious community.
I want to better understand my non religious friend or family member.
I am married to a non religious person.
I am dealing with harm from my previous religious experience.
I am a chaplain/pastor/teacher.

I have doubts and I am seeking answers.
I have questions about why my faith group believes what it does.
I want to learn  in an objective way.
I want to better understand the world around me.
I want to explore the history, philosophy, and creativity of non-religious people.

If you are looking for help to deal with a mental health issue, we compiled a long list of resources.

If you have an emergency or believe you are in a crisis situation, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.