Support Groups

The primary focus of Recovering from Religion is to provide practical and personal support to individuals as they cope with changing beliefs. A range of emotions and life changes can result from this transitional period, and we believe that being in the company of others who are experiencing or have experienced what you are going through can make the difference in not only surviving, but thriving after this change. 

We offer local groups that meet monthly all over the world. Each local meeting is free to attend. Some groups do accept free-will donations for their local needs, but you are never expected to pay and there is no obligation whatsoever to make a donation. Anyone exploring a life outside of religious belief is welcome. 

What Do We Talk About?

A wide range of topics are open for discussion, but meetings usually consist of people talking about their experiences and feelings in the context of their changing beliefs. You will be surrounded by people who are happy to listen, empathize, and offer their support for your journey. 

Topics May Include:

  • Feelings of loss or grief about your beliefs or religious community
  • A sense of betrayal about what you were taught to believe
  • Lingering fear or doubt about leaving your religion
  • Managing relationships with people in your life who still believe
  • Anger about being manipulated, coerced, or held back by your previous beliefs or religious community
  • Letting go of feelings like shame or guilt 
  • Opportunities for education and personal growth
  • Success in meeting personal goals and sources of happiness and comfort

You will not be subject to preaching, nor told to "pray harder" because proselytizing and evangelizing are not allowed. Practices grounded in supernatural beliefs like faith healing may not be endorsed. Maintaining a safe space for group members is very important to us. Groups are led by trained facilitators because we understand that you need help through your journey and your experience. We're here to be a friend for you along the way.

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