Steps to Recovery

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Here’s the process of finding a secular therapist near you. The directions are listed below. Read them over, then click the “CLICK HERE” button on the bottom of this page, follow the directions, and you’ll be enetered into our system.

Please note that you will see two buttons on the next page - Click To Find A Therapist or Click to Register As A Therapist.


Selecting the Click Here To Find A Therapist will take you to a form asking you specific information to help us develop a list of qualified secular therapists for you to interact with. If there are multiple therapists, you can decide which is the best fit for you!

The Username and the Password you fill in will allow you to start that process. You’ll note there is a login button on the right hand side of the menu on the Secular Therapy Project page. Once you've completed the form, all you have to do is enter the username and password, and it will present you with the Sign-in screen. Enter those details and you will be directed to the Client Menu. 

You can update your client info, search the database of therapists by specialty and location, change your password as well as view any communication history you've had with therapists.

We wish you much success in your journey, but also in getting the help you need. Be well!